• Sunday School for ALL AGES at 10am every Sunday!

A faith community in Pittsboro, NC that embodies Jesus through radical hospitality and relentless love. 


As the Body of Christ, Mt. Pleasant UMC joins together as a community of faith where ALL PEOPLE can feel the Spirit of the living God.

At Mt. Pleasant UMC, we are committed to:

Embracing the living God and God's love through lively worship;

Inviting all to join us in pursuit of God's love & discipleship;

Sharing God's love through service.

Navigating Our Campus

We are located at 269 Manns Chapel Rd, Pittsboro, NC 27312. 

Our historical cemetery sits to the right of our campus. Our parking lot begins to the left of the cemetery and continues in front of the campus. Our Sanctuary is the first building left of the cemetery, and our Fellowship Hall is to the left of the Sanctuary. Behind the Sanctuary we have an outdoor shelter space with a kitchen, working fireplace, tables, and chairs, and we use this space occasionally during worship and frequently for other church events. Next to our Fellowship Hall is our newly renovated playground, always open to the public! 

Restrooms are in the Fellowship Hall. 

Worship Service 

Sunday worship service begins at 11am in the Sanctuary. We connect to God through a primarily traditional worship service, in which we follow a liturgical approach to worship. Service begins with an acolyte carrying in the Light of Christ to light the candles on the altar, and worship concludes with the acolyte carrying the Light of Christ out into the world. During service, we sing hymns and contemporary worship songs, we join our voices together in prayer, we share our joys and concerns, we listen to the Word and a reflective sermon, and we share in a time of passing the peace of Christ. You are welcome to place a hand over your heart while passing the peace to show you wish to maintain social distancing while greeting your brothers and sisters in Christ. 

We celebrate Holy Communion the first Sunday of the month. During Communion, you are invited to come forward to receive a piece of the shared loaf and the juice via intinction, where you dip the bread into the cup of juice to receive both elements at once, or via individual cups of juice and pre-cut pieces of bread. We offer both options out of our concern for everyone's health and well-being. 

Masks and social distancing are not required, but we respect everyone's individual preferences. 

Sunday School

We gather in classrooms in the Fellowship Hall for Sunday school at 10am. We have Sunday school available for everyone aged 0 and up! When you enter the Fellowship Hall via the vestibule space at the top of the front wheelchair ramp, the nursery, Pre-K room, and school-aged kids gather for Sunday school in classrooms down the left side of the main hallway. Adults aged 18+ gather for Sunday school in the first classroom down the right side of the main hallway. Everyone is welcome to join us in Sunday school - no prep necessary! 


Here at Mount Pleasant UMC, we welcome all of God's children to join us for church events, activities, and services! We have 10am Sunday school for all ages. During our 11am service, we encourage all children aged 5 and up to join us in the Sanctuary for worship. The nursery and Pre-K rooms remain open during 11am service for children aged 0-4. For children with extra energy during 11am service, we have intercoms in the Fellowship Hall where parents can be with their children and still listen to service.

Children's Ministry

All children aged 0-17 are invited to join our children's classrooms for 10am Sunday school for arts and crafts, an object lesson, age-appropriate conversation, and group sharing of joys and concerns. We encourage all children ages 5+ to join us in the Sanctuary for 11am worship. The Nursery and Pre-K classroom remain open for children ages 0-4 during our 11am service. 

What to Wear

Some people wear jeans and a t-shirt; some people wear dress pants and a tie. You can wear whatever is comfortable to you!  


Every Sunday, a church member will be in the sanctuary vestibule to greet you and hand you a bulletin. Before worship begins, we invite everyone to a time of fellowship and conversation in the sanctuary. After service, we invite you to a time of fellowship and conversation inside the sanctuary and outside the front entrance of the sanctuary on the walkway.